Introduction :

Khartoum, Sudan, met in Khartoum from July 21 to August 3, 1996 for women delegates from 65 countries around the world who are concerned with the needs of Muslim women and seek to create a global forum for Muslim women that will unite women's diasporas and unite their visions, efforts and potentials and adopt their issues to establish a society of justice and solidarity. The birth of the International Islamic Women's Union as the first entity to bring together the world's Muslims, individuals and organizations.

Towards an Islamic women's society developed by the values ​​of justice, ethics and equality.
the mission :
To achieve the security and dignity of Muslim women, to develop and highlight their identity, and to strive for their cultural, social, economic and political development and to strengthen the bonds of cooperation and compassion among the women of the world.

Value :
1. Justice.
2. Equality.
3. Proper ethics.
4. Shura.
5. Transparency.
6. Honesty, honesty and integrity.
7. Sincerity.
8. Solidarity and discard the band.
9. Pride and dignity.
10. Freedom.

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